A few years ago, even trainees at RT-Systemtechnik GmbH, Fabian Flüthmann and Kevin Kestering (bottom from left to right) lead the project “Cocktail MIX Roboter”, which has a height of about 4.5 m, a width of 5 m and 2 exit points, was a big challenge.

On a touchscreen (1) you select a drink. An empty glass is placed on a mini hoist (2) and off you go. Under a series of bottles with different drinks (3), depending on the mixture and several filling stops, the last stop is at the ice cube machine (4), which cools down the drink with ice cubes. Interesting also the solution of the task; vibration-free transfer of the glass from the vertical to the horizontal direction and back. Because seconds later, the finished stirred and not shaken mixed drink in front of the eagerly awaiting buyer.

The apprentices of RT-Systemtechnik GmbH support the project: electronics technicians for devices and systems in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, IT specialist application development in the area of ​​software development. They ensure that the ordered drinks are mixed properly. The industrial business assistant is responsible for the procurement and commissioning of the individual components.

(above from left to right) Benedikt Wilmes, Timo Schneider, Etsegenet Tegenae, Lucas Willems, Jonas Hilling, Levin Strahl