Our focus

Thanks to our own in-house development and production, we provide our customers with “products from one hand”. Our focal points are in management standards, design, hardware, software, enclosure development and design development.

In the area of hardware development the focal points are the mobile electronic systems for the automotive sector and the control and operating systems with CAN / LIN BUS / ISOBUS-, Ethernet … interfaces. For that Atmel-, Fujitsu, Mircochip-, Toschiba- (ARM) or NXP processor types are used. The performance and computing power can be customized by product related pricing and optimized performance. In addition, RT-Systemtechnik offers complex and mobile video surveillance systems with CAN-BUS control for the automotive industry. Another category is the power electronics in the area of 400V / AC. Engine control units up to 43.5 kW with CAN BUS connection and diagnostics in the medium voltage range (400V) are also the focus of the hardware development.

Hardwarenear firmware programming, programming of operating systems and the development of customer-specific bus protocols are the quintessence of our software development.

Our engineers develop the right enclosure for your application. We offer plastic enclosures, aluminum die-cast enclosures and extruded enclosures as well as canted enclosures for an individual solution related to price, performance and design. Our diploma designers develop customized solutions, which match to the customer corporate design, e.g. for the enclosures, graphical user interfaces and icons as well as graphic symbols.