The performance of RT-Systemtechnik

In addition to our customized solutions for individual requirements, we offer a perfectly coordinated service.

Whether certification work, consulting or international sourcing – RT-Systemtechnik offers this strategically thoughtful services.

Services such as the aging test in the climatic cabinet, environmental testing, thermal scanning, X-ray scan or full system test are the usual daily work for RT-Systemtechnik. In addition, we also offer a service-wide support after a done job and care about the maintenance of all modules or devices supplied by us.

A high level of technical availability of the systems is given by our “on the spot” support. Whether measurements, optimization, maintenance or even repairing – our technicians will be happy to help you.

The foundation of our consulting services is our solid experience. For many years we support renown companies in system engineering challenges. From the idea to the finished product – our specialists ensure a flexible handling for changes in the development and series production.

Short distances, flexibility and transparency is our maxim.

The market advantages in summary

  • International material procurement firsthand
  • Quality management at home and abroad
  • High access to different technologies
  • High flexibility and delivery capacity
  • The delivery time of RT-Systemtechnik is below the industries average
  • Consistently supply chain management
  • Well positioned by highly motivated teams in the area of construction, electronics, software development, graphic and industrial design, material procurement and spare part management