Customized enclosures solutions and their design are an indispensable part to the master plan of a system solution. Beside the actual core function, the requirements to its capabilities and components which have to be integrated are getting more and more complex. The boundaries between standard systems and individual productions are blurred. Many times the design comes first followed by functionality. We know how to develop the electronic, which has to be integrated as well as the enclosure with consideration to the aspect of heat dissipation, vibration resistance, environmental resistance and the favored tightness.

Functionality and appearance complement each other. Whether individual enclosure production, the use of already developed enclosures or even the whole industrial design, in-house development and manufacturing allow full implementation off al requirements. Quality and sophisticated applications are always in focus. For almost any application in the system integration projects, we can create the optimal enclosure design and offer a personal and individual design for equipment and systems. We also offer many possibilities to adapt our large selection of standard enclosures to particular wishes and current enclosures of application.