Adventure couple Beckert from Nordhessen visits RT-Systemtechnik

In order to be well prepared for the upcoming trip around the world, the Beckert’s family recently had the 4-camera RT-360 ° BirdView HD system calibrated on their high-tech Anaconda Beckert 8 x 8 vehicle. The journey is to continue From North Cape through Russia and then after sailing across Australia. Extreme temperature differences are to be overcome. For 10 years, the retired aircraft mechanic and hobby pilot has been working on the vehicle with trailer. Many technical finesses are installed. Each wheel can be operated individually. 27 % slope should easily create the “Anaconda”. In addition to refrigerator, gas stove, there is microwave, oven and washing machine. Fresh water can also be processed from rivers or lakes. The fuel tank holds 940 liters of diesel.

The RT-Systemtechnik-Team wishes you a safe journey!


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