RT team achieves respectful success!

With the first participation in the prestigious HOVA soccer cup of the companies on 3.1.2020 in the Kopernikus sports hall in Rheine, the RT team was able to achieve fourth place among 12 participating teams. In the semifinals, our team had to defeat a striking Speller team despite a dream goal by RT striker Felix Spielmann. An increase is planned for next year. In the final, Spelle United was able to impressively prevail. RT goalkeeper Tanja Guzberg was also honored as the best goalkeeper and field player Tim Donnermeyer as the top scorer of the tournament. We look forward to you.

The RT system technology team congratulates Spelle United on winning the tournament!

(Fig .: Tanja Schwegmann, “Source: Münsterländische Volkszeitung, 6.1.2020, © Altmeppen Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, all rights reserved”)